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We offer great value

We put you and your pet first

We are a community focussed veterinary practice. We're about value. Our fees represent a fair price, especially when you take into account what's included as standard in everything we do.

  • Time to talk, to listen, and to consider your options
  • Caring, skilled, experienced staff
  • A partnership of care, we share the decision making with you
  • Top quality facilities on site
  • Continuity of care
  • A community focussed practice in a village location


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £58.00
2nd and subsequent consultation £54.00
Written prescription fee £23.00


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog Vaccines    
Adult Dog Annual Booster £69.00 Included
Adult Dog Restart Course £91.00 Included
Kennel Cough Vaccine £49.00 Included
Kennel Cough With Other Vaccine £35.00 Included
Cat Vaccines    
Cat Booster £69.00 Included
Adult Cat Restart Vaccines £91.00 Included
Rabbit Vaccine    
Rabbit Course (VHD/Myxo) £85.00 Included


  Standard Price Pet Health Club Price
Castrate 0-25kg £259.00 20% off
Castrate 24-45kg £320.00 20% off 
Castrate 45kg+ £370.00 20% off 
Spay 0-25kg £349.00 20% off
Spay 25-45kg £400.00 20% off
Spay 45kg+ £455.00 20% off
Male Cat Castrate £89.00 20% off
Female Cat Spay £145.00 20% off
Castrate £150.00 20% off
Spay £215.00 20% off
Guinea Pigs    
Castrate £150.00 n/a
Castrate £130.00 n/a
Spay £195.00 n/a
Vasectomy £305.00 n/a

Prices updated September 2023

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